GermanThe German major combines language study, study abroad and culture-area electives; it is an excellent double major along with history, music, political science, global studies, biology, art and much more! A German minor will fit any major area, too, and it is especially popular with international business majors. Check out study abroad opportunities at our numerous university partners in Germany and Austria to expand your world. 

Why learn German? Check out this video project by student Grace Geiger, who is also majoring in Communications!

German courses require online placement test scores.


Languages, Literatures and Cultures - German Concentration, B.A.


A minor in German through the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures consists of 15 semester hours including German 2010 and 2015 plus 9 semester hours of electives at the German 2000 level or above.

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AP Credit Policy (Effective Fall 2021)

Faculty & Instructors

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Additional Resources

German Language Resources

  • About German for Beginners: 20 Free self-study lessons with vocabulary tips, grammar overviews, self-tests. Can purchase links to speaking, reading, writing, job seeking, and cultural materials.
  • American Association of Teachers of German, NC Chapter (NCAATG)
  • Visit the "Learn German" section of Deutsche Welle, a free, high-quality source of video-based learning for German sponsored by the German government. Beginning students can do programs at the A1 level, in German 1040, you're at the A2 level. 
  • Within the "Learn German" site, students at 1040, 1050, and advanced levels might enjoy "Jojo sucht das Glück." This is a somewhat cheesy, video-based drama in 4-minute segments that helps you improve listening comprehension for regular, spoken German. 
  • If you like current events, sign up also for "Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten," which gives you brief news broadcasts (audio only) spoken at a slower pace. 
  • BBC German Essential Phrases: Travel and survival phrases useful abroad. Downloadable mp3 sound files.
  • BBC German for Daily Life: Hear, see vocabulary and sentences for daily life and work, greetings, phone, shopping, banking, renting an apartment, train travel, job searches. Video clips, easy self-study. Transcripts available.
  • BBC German Steps: In 3 parts, German and English are contrasted and organized into themes of meeting people, food, drink, getting around, travel arrangements, shopping. Hear, read, rearrange, speak, write, dialog, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation tips, cultural notes, and logs for self-directed study.
  • BBC Talk German: Illustrated greetings, about family relationships, hotel check-in, buying train tickets, getting directions. Basics are free, more with purchase. 
  • Center for Judaic, Holocaust & Peace Studies
  • Eine Deutschlandreise fürs Ohr - This web site explores the various dialects that are spoken in Germany. This information may be useful for students who are interested in studying abroad, and to Germophiles more broadly, too.