Language Placement Tests

Please be aware it may take up to 24 hours for your placement score to update in the registrar's system to allow you to register for a course.

French, German & Spanish Require Online Placement Test Scores

Prerequisite placement tests are used to assess incoming student levels of language ability, to better advise them which courses to take and to assist in class level placement.Students will not receive retroactive credit for courses they surpass via the placement exam. The placement tests are designed to assess student proficiency in grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Placement tests ordinarily take 20 to 30 minutes. It is recommended to print your scores and keep the print for appropriate placement until you have attended your first class. 

Test Login Notes

Online Placement Test, Part 1

  • The password is apps1 (all lower case, no spaces, the last digit is the number 1)
  • To avoid an error message, enter your email as: Omit the word "email." after the @ 
  • Ready? Click the test link: LLC Online Placement Test 

Writing Sample, Part 2

  • If you place over 425, you will be asked to do Part 2, the writing sample.
  • Log in here with your university username and password, then proceed to Part 2: Writing Sample.
  • No Online Placement Test is required for: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese or Russian 

Students may enroll directly into these beginning classes. Students must meet with the instructor for higher class placement. 

Graduate Student Placement Test Notice 

The LLC placement exam does not substitute for language proficiency requirements that may apply to your M.A. program. Department expectations vary regarding how graduate students must demonstrate language proficiency. Please see your advisor or the department to clarify your specific degree requirements.