DLLC Policies

DLLC Course Policies & Procedures

This page describes departmental policies and procedures regarding course substitutions for majors and minors, study abroad approvals, and other department-specific policies that may be relevant to undergraduate students. These policies function as a supplement to University Policies and Procedures

Study Abroad Course Approvals

Study abroad approvals are generally handled by the Department Assistant Chair, in conjunction with departmental and OIED advisors. Students wishing to receive credit for language coursework taken abroad should contact the Assistant Chair after consulting with an advisor in OIED regarding the number of credit hours that they would receive for any course(s) taken abroad. Students minoring or majoring in a language should also consult with their minor and/or major advisor regarding study abroad coursework. 

Students should provide the Assistant Chair with titles and syllabi or course descriptions of all courses for which they are seeking credit. It is not the responsibility of the student to determine which Appalachian State courses are the most appropriate equivalents for courses taken abroad; the Assistant Chair will make this determination based on the syllabi and/or course descriptions provided, in consultation with other DLLC faculty when appropriate.

It is important to note that students cannot receive language credit based only on time spent abroad; any credit granted must be tied to credit-bearing coursework taken at an institution of higher learning. In addition, courses taken abroad that are taught in English cannot be approved for language credit unless there is clear evidence of target-language practice in the course syllabus. Courses taught in English and approved/articulated in the Dept. of Languages, Literatures & Cultures will generally be approved as LLC electives.

Useful links for students studying abroad:

Course Substitutions for Language Minors (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)

The department expects all coursework in its minors to be completed in the target language unless otherwise indicated in the minor program of study. In exceptional circumstances, students may petition to substitute one 3-hour course taken in a related field in English for a course in the minor. Such petitions are subject to the approval of the language section and departmental administration. Students of ARB/CHN/GER/JPN/RSN are encouraged to enroll in the ARB/CHN/GER/JPN/RSN 2000 Discussion Session in any semester in which such a substitution is needed, which will allow them to discuss what they are learning from the English-language class in the target language.

Credit by Exam Policy

The department’s course offerings have student learning outcomes related to global learning and awareness which are not suitable for assessment via credit by exam. In exceptional circumstances, however, a student may petition a language section to take such an exam. The petition is ultimately subject to the approval of departmental administration and the Dean. The student must receive the approval of the department and college at least 30 days before the examination is taken, and the examination must be taken before the beginning of the last semester or full summer session before the student’s graduation.