Language and Culture Community

The Language and Culture Community is for both American and International students. Students who want to expand their experience of global community and the customs, cultures and languages of peoples from around the globe are encouraged to join this unique shared academic experience.

Special Opportunities Available to this Community

  • Foreign language suites-- Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and German
  • Foreign language skill practice and discussion groups
  • Peer study groups
  • Cultural events
  • Informal interaction with faculty

Expectations for Language and Culture Community Members

  • Required to enroll in First Year Seminar US 1150-146
  • Plan and participate in community activities and events
  • Complete a set of core experiences
  • Personalize the Community (help design T-shirts, community logos, decorate doors, bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Demonstrate an openness to diverse individuals and cultures
  • Be involved in developing community standards and planning the future of the Community

Language and Culture RLC Leadership Team

Sponsoring Departments

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers a range of courses to enhance students' understanding and appreciation of other cultures and languages as well as their own. In addition to the broad knowledge base acquired through these courses, students will understand that language and culture are inseparable. Upon fulfilling the Department's requirements for undergraduate or graduate programs, students will be adequately prepared for lifelong learning in a multicultural world.