Faculty & Staff

  • Dr. Andrea Bryant

    Dr. Andrea Bryant

    Lecturer, German


    Research and teaching interests: Critical Applied Linguistics; Black German Studies; Decolonization; Multiliteracies

  • Kevin Kennedy

    Dr. Kevin Kennedy

    Professor Emeritus, German


    Research and teaching interests: German Language, Literature, and Culture, The Age of Goethe, German Film, Documentaries on German Diaspora.

  • Dr. Beverly Moser

    Professor, German and TESL/Applied Linguistics

    LS Dougherty 205
    (828) 262-2303

    Research and teaching interests: I teach all levels of German and am passionate about language teaching and helping to develop new language teachers for the future. I love working on practical projects like language textbooks, hoping that this work makes language learning more fun for students. Most recently, I've been working on campus on our project for the QEP on Global Learning.

  • Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand

    Dr. Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand

    Professor, German and Global Studies

    LS Dougherty 206
    (828) 262-7225

    Research and teaching interests: Teaching areas include German language and culture, medieval German literature, fairy tales, Arthurian legends, "Mittelalterrezeption" and medievalism.