Master of Arts Degree

Appalachian State University offers Master’s Degrees in Romance Languages with specializations in French or Spanish Teaching. Within each language, candidates can specialize to focus on K-12 or College Teaching. The teaching Masters is a non-thesis degree and involves 36 graduate hours (12 courses). Students may begin the degree in any semester--summer, spring or fall. 

Information for Applicants

Meet Our Students

Judson MacDonald

Judson MacDonald

MA Candidate in Romance Languages, Spanish K-12 Teaching

Research & professional interests:
Language assessment, intercultural communicative competence, bilingualism, classroom social media, LGBTQ+ empowerment

Current Students

Summer Course Offerings

The department offers Summer courses for our current graduate students. These courses are also open to K-12 inservice teachers needing CE credits and qualifying undergraduates with senior standing.