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The following links are external to the department. They are provided as potential resources, but the department has no control of their individual content. A listing here should not to be interpreted as endorsement of the varying content found. 



Accents on Mac or PC  (scroll down)

Accents & Umlauts on Mac or PC (scroll up for PC)

Accents & Umlauts on Mac or PC


  • Flashcard / SRS / Other software

Anki, a flashcard program/SRS, with a vast array of decks available for download

Mnemosyne, a flashcard program/SRS

Memrise, online flashcards and mnemonics for various languages using an SRS, including Chinese characters and stroke order

  • Courses

BBC Languages, beginners' courses for a variety of languages

Radio Lingua, full beginner audio courses for French & Spanish, basic phrases for a variety of other languages

LiveMocha, has 38 languages and Rosetta Stone style exercises

busuu, lessons and courses in several languages, featuring a community/social network elements

I kinda like languages mini-courses in many languages, some longer courses

GLOSS materials, from DLI, esp. useful for critical languages

  • Media (radio, TV, books, etc.)

Deutsche Welle news and radio in many languages

NHK World radio in many languages

Project Gutenberg, free ebooks in many languages

Librivox, volunteer-read audiobooks in different languages (quality varies)

Radiotime, radio stations by region

  • Dictionaries

WordReference, bilingual dictionaries for various languages

Sesli Sözlük, a multilingual dictionary including Turkish, English, and some other languages, multi-language dictionary with wiki-like contributions by users, English-German is most complete but features other combinations  (Dictionary, phrases, vocab, games)

  • Communities, similar to mylanguageexchange where you can find native speakers to practice with and also has several social media tools

Lang-8, community where native speakers correct writings from learners

mylanguageexchange, site facillitating practice between native speakers and learners

  • Other

How to Learn Any Language, forum for discussion of language learning

Omniglot overview of various languages (mostly focused on writing systems), has some good links

Google Books, many books, especially useful for finding old grammars/courses on dead languages, play only music tagged in whatever language you want

So you want to learn a language, links for language learners

RhinoSpike, site where one can solicit native speakers to read texts aloud for you lessons and information for a few languages

multilingualbooks, links to many resources for a variety of languages

WikiBooks books for learning different languages


Chinese (Mandarin)

sugoideas, Taiwanese dramas

Metamuse, a tech blog

Matrix67, programming blog

Skritter, online flash-based module for Chinese and Japanese

Tianya, a Chinese forum

中文字譜, site for making mnemonics, printed version is good too

Chinesepod, Chinese podcasts

Reviewing the Hanzi, site for reviewing Hanzi using the Heisig method

MDBG Chinese/English


French in Action, a highly regarded video series, entirely in French, for learning the language

Ebooks gratuits, free ebooks in French

French Tutorial, French lessons

French Grammar

Tennessee Bob

France24 (Francophone world news)


Deutsche Welle's German course

Das Erste Mediathek German TV programs

ARD Mediathek German TV and radio

ZDF Mediathek German TV

LEO, bilingual German dictionaries

Canoo, German dictionary

About German for Beginners: 20 Free self-study lessons with vocabulary tips, grammar overviews, self-tests. Can purchase links to speaking, reading, writing, job seeking, and cultural materials.

BBC German Essential Phrases: Travel and survival phrases useful abroad. Downloadable mp3 sound files.

BBC German for Daily Life:  Hear, see vocabulary and sentences for daily life and work, greetings, phone, shopping, banking, renting an apartment, train travel, job searches. Video clips, easy self-study. Transcripts available.

BBC Talk German: Illustrated greetings, about family relationships, hotel check-in, buying train tickets, getting directions. Basics are free, more with purchase. 

Center for Judaic, Holocaust, & Peace Studies

Eine Deutschlandreise fürs Ohr - This web site explores the various dialects that are spoken in Germany. This information may be useful for students who are interested in studying abroad, and to Germophiles more broadly, too.

Themen-aktuell: Multi-volume Hueber book support, on-line activities, thematic searches, cultural info on Berlin. Third voluate prepares students for the Goethe Institut Zertifkikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache.


RtK forums, forum discussing Japanese study

RtKWiki, includes links and information for Japanese study

Erin's Challenge, a video series for learning Japanese

Tae Kim's grammar guide

高校講座, school courses for Japanese high schoolers

Nukemarine's suggested guide for beginners, a curriculum based largely on freely available materials

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese dictionary

Blingual texts (Japanese/English)

All Japanese All the Time/AJATT, a philosophy of Japanese/language learning

Japanese/English Dictionary (Denshi Jisho)


Russian Grammar

Golosa  (alphabet, grammar, lessons)


Destinos, video series for learning the language

SpanishDict, dictionary website with audio clips for Spanish, also flashcards and videos

Spanish & Latino News

Study Spanish

B.K.Nelson's Culture & Grammar

Dr. Lemon's Grammar



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Every fall the department co-hosts the Latin American Film Series. An event open to students, faculty and the public in general. Admission is free. Schedule information of the films is posted on the first week of August.


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UNC World Language Exchange

The World Language exchange was created in 2013 to manage the sharing of less commonly taught languages across the UNC system. This exchange offers access to a variety of languages such as Persian, Cherokee and Ancient Greek as well as courses that explore culture.

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