Faculty & Staff

  • Mr. Bobby Blankenship

    Adjunct Instructor, Spanish


    Research and teaching interests: I teach beginning Spanish 1010 & 1020.

  • Zhiyuan Chen

    Dr. Zhiyuan Chen

    Professor, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 210 A
    (828) 262-7822

    Research and teaching interests: Theoretic & Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Literatures, Anthropology, Economics

  • Victoria Cox

    Dr. Victoria Cox

    Professor, Spanish

    108 B
    (828) 262-7101

    Research and teaching interests: Spanish Language. Latin American Literature and Culture. Andean Studies. Latin American Women Writers. Performance Studies. Business Spanish.

  • Jeffrey K. Eastman

    Mr. Jeffrey K. Eastman

    Lecturer, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 203
    (828) 262-8509

    Research and teaching interests: Beginning & Intermediate Spanish, Golden Age Literature in translation. Literature of Israel/ Palestine: In Search of Intercultural Understanding; Research for a monograph on The Enlightenment in Spain. Key Figures: Jovellanos & Cadalso. I am currently affiliated faculty member with The Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies.

  • Dr. Adrienne Erazo

    Assistant Professor, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 210 C
    (828) 262-2929

    Research and teaching interests: Spanish for the Professions (Spanish for Healthcare and Social Services). Contemporary Mexican, Central American, and Latinx literature. Latin American immigration in literature. Border theory. Gender studies. Identity theory. Representation of marginalization and otherness.

  • Andres Fisher

    Dr. Andres Fisher

    Associate Professor, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 210 F
    (828) 262-2309

    Research and teaching interests: 20th century poetry, both Peninsular and Latin American. Poetry translation. Literature and culture of Spain and Latin America. Transatlantic studies. Creative writing in poetry.

  • Jim Fogelquist

    Dr. Jim Fogelquist

    Professor, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 103 F
    (828) 262-3096

    Research and teaching interests: Medieval and Golden Age Spanish literature; Cervantes; Mexican literature and popular culture; Chicano literature

  • Ms. Belinda Forsyth

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 103 B
    (828) 262-8598

    Research and teaching interests: I teach beginning and intermediate Spanish 1010, 1020, 1040, 1050 and accelerated 1030 & 1060 classes in Spanish. I also do independent studies in Swedish.

  • Catherine Fountain

    Dr. Catherine Fountain

    Professor, Spanish and TESL/Applied Linguistics
    Director of MA in Romance Languages

    LS Dougherty 210 F
    (828) 262-2308

    Research and teaching interests: Historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, history of the language sciences and the study of indigenous languages; Spanish, Nahuatl.

  • Mr. Bertrand Gutierrez

    Adjunct Instructor of Spanish

    LS Dougherty 103C
    (828) 262-5080

    Research and teaching interests: The use of online Spanish-language news resources, with an emphasis on economics, politics, trade, culture, and immigration.

  • Brent James

    Dr. Brent James

    Senior Lecturer, Portuguese & Spanish

    LS Dougherty 210 I
    (828) 262-8225

    Research and teaching interests: Brazilian literature and culture, Afro-Hispanic studies, modern Spain, Basque and Catalan studies

  • Gabriella Motta-Passajou

    Ms. Gabriella Motta-Passajou

    Senior Lecturer, French and Spanish

    LS Dougherty 103 B
    (828) 262-8512

    Research and teaching interests: Spanish and French: Beginner II, Intermediate I and II and Conversational Capoeira (Brazilian martial art)

  • Dr. Ortiz

    Dr. MarĂ­a Patricia Ortiz

    Professor, Spanish
    Department Assistant Chair

    LS Dougherty 103 D
    (828) 262-7356

    Research and teaching interests: Teaching: Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies, Border Crossings U.S. Hispanic Literature and Culture, and 20th Century Spanish and Latin American Novel. Research: Comparative Literature, and Narratives of women's immigration in relation to literature, culture, and border crossings.

  • Olivia A. Posada

    Ms. Olivia A. Posada

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish

    LS Dougherty 204
    (828) 262-8510

    Research and teaching interests: Teach SNH 1010 - 1020 Beginning Spanish I & II, SNH 1040 - 1050 Intermediate Spanish I & II, and SNH 1030 - 1060 Accelerated Beginning and Intermediate Spanish.

  • Carmen Scoggins

    Ms. Carmen Scoggins

    Adjunct Instructor, Spanish


    Research and teaching interests: Spanish and Foreign Language Methodology

  • Paul Sebastian

    Dr. Paul Sebastian

    Assistant Professor, Spanish and TESL/Applied Linguistics
    Director of the Language Acquisition Resource Center

    LS Dougherty Hall 210 B
    (828) 262-2932

    Research and teaching interests: I teach courses in language methodology, second language acquisition, computer-assisted language learning and Spanish as a second language. My research deals with the relationship between language and the constructed environment whether that be physical, virtual or hybrid.

  • Benjamin Souza

    Dr. Benjamin Souza

    Associate Professor, Spanish Linguistics

    LS Dougherty 109 A
    (828) 262-2305

    Research and teaching interests: I teach all levels of Spanish and specialize in Spanish linguistics. I study a wide array of second language acquisition topics and Spanish phonetics and dialectology.

  • Kendra Souza

    Ms. Kendra Souza

    Senior Lecturer, Spanish, and First and Second Year Spanish Coordinator

    LS Dougherty 108 C
    (828) 262-8508

    Research and teaching interests: Beginning and Intermediate Spanish