Summer Graduate Course Offerings

Online/Hybrid Graduate Courses for Summer

Appalachian's summer graduate courses in French and Spanish are open to graduate students at any UNC campus through the UNC Language Exchange, to K-12 teachers looking for Continuing Education credit, and to any other eligible students who would like to take graduate-level courses during the summer months.

2023 Summer courses coming soon!

How do I enroll?

Appalachian State students: Current graduate students enroll via Appalnet. Undergraduates with Senior status (90+ credit hours) and a GPA of 3.0 or higher can enroll in graduate courses by filling out the online Senior Permission Form. Graduate courses taken in French and Spanish can count as electives towards undergraduate majors in these languages.  

Graduate students at other UNC campuses can enroll in any of these courses through the UNC Language Exchange portal; sign in using your campus credentials and select the correct term and language area to find courses. 

Students not currently enrolled in a UNC-system graduate program can enroll as Non-Degree students; this application process is relatively quick and easy and can be completed up until 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the term. If you decide to pursue formal graduate study at Appalachian at a later date, up to 3 courses taken as a Non-Degree student can count towards your MA degree. In fact, many prospective graduate students find that starting out as a Non-Degree student is a helpful way to ease into a full Master's program, as students who successfully complete three courses as a Non-Degree student are also exempted from entrance exam requirements.

Courses offered during previous summer sessions

2022 Summer courses:

  • Summer I: SNH 5028 - Seminar in Spanish Linguistics
  • Summer II: SNH 5026 - Hispanic Cultural Studies

2021 Summer courses:

  • FRE/SNH 5045 - Comparative Romance Linguistics
  • SNH 5536 - Proficiency and Assessment in Teaching Spanish

2020 Summer courses:

  • SNH 5535 - Indigenous Languages and Cultures in the Spanish Classroom
  • SNH 5026 - Hispanic Cultural Studies

2019 Summer courses:

  • FRE/SNH 5045 - Comparative Romance Linguistics
  • SNH 5002 - Masterpieces of Hispanic Art and Literature

2018 Summer courses:

  • SNH 5530 - Teaching Languages with Technology
  • SNH 5002 - Masterpieces of Hispanic Art and Literature: Indigenous Art and Literature