Faculty & Staff

  • Ms. Isabelle Breden

    Adjunct Instructor, French


    Research and teaching interests: Beginning level French

  • Elizabeth Cramer

    Dr. Elizabeth Cramer

    Adjunct Instructor, French

    Library 259
    (828) 262-4967

    Research and teaching interests: Entry-level French

  • Jean-François Fournier

    Dr. Jean-François Fournier

    Assistant Professor, French

    LS Dougherty 210 K
    (828) 262-2307

    Research and teaching interests: Teaching: French Language and Literature; Literature & Film; Political and Cultural History of Contemporary France; Crossed Cultural Glances between France, Germany, and the US. Research:19th Century Fiction and Poetry; Bridges between Literature & Philosophy; Comic Discourses in Literature & Film.

  • K. Martial Frindéthié

    Dr. K. Martial Frindéthié

    Professor, French
    Department Chair

    LS Dougherty Hall 101
    (828) 262-6657

    Research and teaching interests: French, Francophone Studies, Films and Media Studies, Postcoloniality, Intercultural Communication, Globalization, the Intersection of Literature, Contemporary Literary Theory, and the Political-Ideological Imagination

  • Dr. Darci L. Gardner

    Assistant Professor, French

    LS Dougherty 210 J
    (828) 262-2928

    Research and teaching interests: 19th- and 20th-century France; literature and the visual arts; cognitive approaches to literature; aesthetics

  • Lynn McNeil

    Ms. Lynn McNeil

    Lecturer, French

    LS Dougherty 210 G
    (828) 262-8511

    Research and teaching interests: Beginning & intermediate level French

  • Gabriella Motta-Passajou

    Ms. Gabriella Motta-Passajou

    Senior Lecturer, French and Spanish

    LS Dougherty 103 B
    (828) 262-8512

    Research and teaching interests: Spanish and French: Beginner II, Intermediate I and II and Conversational Capoeira (Brazilian martial art)