DLLC Symposium 2023 - Diversity and (Dis)Connections in the Contemporary Context

DLLC Symposium 2023 - Diversity and (Dis)Connections in the Contemporary Context


Thursday, March 23rd - Location: PSU 155 (Tater Hill Room)

1:30-3:00pm / Session A: Intersections of Native Nations and Latinx Literatures. Chair and Moderator: Melissa Birkhofer (Department of English)

- Lauren Perrone (Appalachian State University) "Mental Colonization: a Tool of White Supremacy"
- Natalie Allen (Appalachian State University) "Expectations for Women: Similarities in Latinx and Native Nations Cultures"
- Anna Gretz (Appalachian State University) "Descriptions of Addiction in Indigenous Writing: Connections to the World and Possible Solutions"
- Ella Mayfield (Appalachian State University) "Ways of Belonging: Varying Native Experiences with the Concepts of Home and Homeland"

3:30- 5:00pm / Session B: Intersections of Language, Literature and History in the Spanish-speaking World. Chair and Moderator: TBA

- Stephany Morales-Melendez (Appalachian State University) “Bernal Díaz del Castillo: Images of illness in the siege and fall of Tenochtitlan”
- Andres Fisher (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures) “Illness and/as oppression in Latin American narrative & poetry”
- Catherine Fountain (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures) “Early Accounts of Bilingualism and Code Switching in the US Southwest”

DLLC International Speaker Series: Thursday, March 23rd, 6:00-7:30pm - PSU 417 (Beacon Heights Room)

Lecture by Dr. Katya Wesolowski,  Lecturing Fellow in Cultural Anthropology and Dance at Duke University. 

Friday, March 24th - Location: PSU 169 (Three Top Mountain Room)

11:30am-1:00pm / Session C: DLLC Student Research Roundtable. Chair and Moderator: Paul Worley (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures)

- Emily Horvath (Appalachian State University) “Making Ancient Texts Accessible Through Art”
- Hayden Dietzman (Appalachian State University) "Symbolism shown by the creation story in the Popol Vuh"
- Ceci Roche (Appalachian State University) "Life in Death"
- Deeanne Montero (Appalachian State University) "Drawing Those Who Drew the World"
- Jade Hickerson (Appalachian State University) "Language and music"
- Olive Postle (Appalachian State University) "The Birth of the Hero Twins"

1:30-3:00pm / Session D: Engagement and Connection in Post-Pandemic Pedagogy. Chair and Moderator: TBA

- Marta Rosa Calvo (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures) “How About Boosting Engagement: Drama in the Intermediate Spanish Classroom”

Roundtable panel discussion with Jeanne Dubino (Department of Interdisciplinary Studies), Asher Fazal, Abigail Lapp, and Rachel Royster: “Overcoming Isolation and Developing Connection and Resilience through Virtual Exchange Classes”

3:00pm / Closing Remarks