Professor Sarah Miller

Professor Miller’s love of languages and cultures began in a 7th grade Spanish class in Minnesota and became a passion of hers after a high school trip to Norway. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with a Masters in Education (M.Ed.). She specializes in K-8 ESOL, bilingual, and multilingual education. She has also completed additional coursework in ethnography of communication and international education.

Her studies have led her to experience a plethora of cultures and to teach in a variety of places, including Minnesota, Massachusetts, Germany, Austria, Uganda, and Ethiopia. She also has interned with a teacher to help with those that survived the genocide in Cambodia. This work cultivated her passion for social justice.

Professor Miller has skills in German, SLA, curriculum development, holistic assessment, and methods and materials for international education. Her current research interests are language and its connection to identity, the art of civil dialogue, art of collaboration, and cross language abilities. She continues to enjoy her other lifelong love: the language of music.

Professor Miller’s life experience and passions create a vibrant tapestry of wisdom for her to share with students. The DLLC is excited to have Professor Miller here with us at Appalachian State!

Miller, Sarah
Published: Mar 31, 2022 8:00pm