DLLC Symposium 2021

DLLC Symposium 2021

Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 25th

1:50 / Opening Remarks

2:00-3:15 / Poetry through the Lens of Transformation and Translation
Moderator: Stephen Young (DLLC)

  • Darci Gardner (DLLC faculty) - “Marie Krysinska: Crossing Borders and Boundaries from the Margins of French Symbolism”
  • Jeffrey Eastman (DLLC faculty) - “Four Turning Points in Poetry”
  • Andrés Fisher (DLLC faculty) - “Migration, poetry & translation: Notes on my Spanish translation of Ben Hollander’s In the house Un-American/En la casa no-americana

3:30-4:45 / Immigration in Pedagogy, the Professional World, and Community Engagement
Moderator: Sarah Miller (DLLC)

  • Savannah Miles (DLLC student) - “The American Nightmare: A Cultural Analysis of Immigrant U.S. through a Professional Lens”
  • Adrienne Erazo, Brent James, and Anneliese Thomae Elías (DLLC faculty) - “Integrative Approaches to Community Engagement and Pedagogy: University Involvement with the Immigrant Justice Coalition”
  • Jeanne Dubino (Interdisciplinary Studies faculty) - “Teaching the Literature of Migration”

5:00-6:30 / Reading the World through Fiction, Film, and Social Media
Moderator: Jean-François Fournier (DLLC)

  • Maria McDowell (Anthropology & Global Studies student) - “Latinx Identity and Multiethnic Erasure in the Digital World”
  • Kevin Kennedy (DLLC faculty) - “Blue Eyes in a Black World”
  • Wendy Xie (DLLC faculty) - “Leprosy, Female Chastity, and the Politics of Nostalgia”

Friday, March 26

12:00-1:30 / Research and Pedagogy in Linguistics
Moderator: Xiaofei Tu (DLLC)

  • Brody Helms - (DLLC student) “Linguistic & cultural variation in the K12 French classroom”
  • Paul Sebastian (DLLC faculty) - “The urban landscape as linguistic and cultural text for study abroad orientation”
  • Timothy J. Smith (Anthropology faculty) - “The Work of Qach’ab’al in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: How Mayan Language Publishing Established an Aura in Postwar Guatemala”

1:45-2:45 / Notions of Critical Thought in Pedagogy and Society
Moderator: Benji Souza (DLLC)

  • Trey Anthony (DLLC alum) - “Familiarity with and Perceptions of inclusive language among Spanish teachers in Mexico and Spain: an exploratory study”
  • Catherine Fountain (DLLC faculty) - “Teaching research: Reflections on student-directed research in undergraduate linguistics courses”
  • Martial Frindéthié (DLLC faculty) - “The Decay of Critical Thinking in the Age of Cancel Culture”

2:45-3:15 / Break

3:15-4:45 / Migration: Repercussions and Representations
Moderator: Adrienne Erazo (DLLC)

  • Gabe Atkinson (CJHPS student) - “From Shtetlekh to Staten Island”  
  • Nick Cellini (DLLC student) - “Analysis of Signs that will precede the end of the world by Yuri Herrera and the connection between the descriptions of the text’s setting and the experience of the Latinx immigrant in the United States”
  • Madeline Byrd (DLLC student) - “The Longevity of Trauma: An Analysis of The River Flows North’s Criticism of Systemic Violence and Immigration Policy”
  • Caroline Smith (DLLC student) - “The Hunt and the Prey: Exploration of Migrant Trauma and Patriarchal Violence in La fila india

5:00-6:15 / Pedagogical Approaches for Inclusivity and Maximum Engagement
Moderator: Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand (DLLC)

  • Liz Kunkel and Anneliese Thomae Elias (DLLC faculty) - “Promoting Gender Identity Inclusivity in the World Language Classroom”
  • Kinji Ito (DLLC faculty) - “Assisting Foreign Language Learners Through Oral Corrective Feedback”
  • Tatyana Thulien (DLLC faculty & students) - “Life mirrored on the Soviet screen: War and love, racism and stalker, dog-narrator and no Hollywood happy ending”

6:15 / Closing Remarks

Zoom Registration Information

Please use the link below to register in advance for the Zoom meeting to be able to access the symposium events. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Zoom registration linkhttps://appstate.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIpduysrzsiH9xQOUdCRIZOslSG9vP_9OE9

Nota bene: This Zoom space will be the same for both Thursday and Friday’s presentations, so you only need to register once to be able to attend the symposium in its entirety.

Call for Proposals

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures of Appalachian State University is pleased to announce its second annual symposium, to be held virtually on Thursday, March 25 and Friday, March 26, 2021. We welcome proposals for presentations from faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and members of the local community. 

The 2021 symposium will be entirely virtual in format, conducted over Zoom. More information about the schedule of events and connection via Zoom will be shared below.

For this year’s symposium, we invite you to present in one of two areas: The first area is open to diverse topics in the domains of the Humanities and pedagogy, as long as they include an international component. The second area is based around a theme, and will highlight community-based, research, and pedagogical initiatives surrounding the topics of migration, movement, and border-crossing (borders may be perceived as physical or metaphorical).

Colleagues, students, and other members of the community are invited to submit proposals for presentations including, but not limited to, the following formats:

●     Pedagogical demonstrations

●     Reflections on teaching and/or learning experiences

●     [Joint] Presentations exploring collaboration between faculty and students and/or the university and the community

●     Presentations of academic papers

●     Presentations of academic research-in-progress

●     Presentations of original art or creative writing

●     Roundtable presentations around a specific theme

Depending on the type of presentation, symposium presentations can range between 15-30 minutes.

Submission of Proposals

The submission deadline for presentation proposals is Sunday, March 7, 2021. Submissions should include:

●     Presenter’s information (contact information and relationship to university)

●     Clear denotation of the type of presentation to be given and time needed (15-30 minutes)

●     A title and 200-word abstract

Please submit proposals via email to Dr. Jean-François Fournier (fournierj@appstate.edu) and direct any questions to Dr. Fournier or Dr. Adrienne Erazo (erazoad@appstate.edu).

All submissions will be reviewed by the members of our Events Committee, with notifications of acceptance to be sent by March 15.

Published: Feb 16, 2021 3:26pm