2019 Summer Study Abroad Program in Western Europe: "WAR IN EUROPE"

JUNE 30 - JULY 22, 2019

Join us on this incredible and exciting program and earn 6 s.h. Gen. Ed. or Core credits or Electives over the summer - in GERMANY, FRANCE, LUXEMBOURG, BELGIUM
The Program’s academic goal is to introduce the student to the understanding of the concept and consequences of both World Wars in Europe through literature and film.

The overarching themes of armed conflict in Europe, focusing on the impact war has on individuals, institutions, and governments, as well as how people process and remember warfare.

The courses are offered by Languages, Literatures, and Cultures gives students 6 s.h. of credit studying the causes and consequences of war in Europe. While traveling through Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany students will learn about the impacts of two world wars, genocide, and the rise and fall of fascism through the exploration of various historic sites, museums, and cultural exchanges.

Extended excursions included in this trip are: visiting Paris, the Beaches of Normandy, Mount St. Michel, Verdun Battlefield, Bastogne, Belgium, the Hofbrauhaus where the Nazi party began, Nuremberg's Nazi Parade Grounds and the site of the Nuremberg Trials, Dachau Concentration Camp, Hitler's Eagle Nest nestled in the Alps, and much, much more!

The specific courses are:

LLC 2025 "Written in Blood: Literature and Film of War in Europe" (3 credit hours)
GEN Ed: Literary Studies designation; Integrated Learning Experience; Integrated Learning Experience (Theme: How we tell stories)

LLC 3530 "The Wars of Our Fathers: Encountering and Interpreting Armed Conflict in Europe.” (3 credit hours)

These courses are highly interactive and experiential and rely heavily on the hands-on experiences offered through the study-abroad program that encompasses museums, historic sites, and tours within France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg to understand the global issues and impact of war. Students will also explore the theme of War in different modes of comprehensive and interdisciplinary inquiry by reading a variety of literatures and watching various films on he topic of war/fascism in Europe, participating in a number of field trips, critical writing exercises, and a group documentary project. 

For more information please contact Kevin Kennedy or visit the program's website

Published: Oct 27, 2018 11:09am