Dr. Andres Fisher

Language(s) taught:Spanish
Teaching/Research:20th century poetry both Peninsular and Latin American. Poetry translation. Literature and culture of Spain and Latin America. Transatlantic studies. Creative writing in poetry.
Degrees/Certifications:PhD, (1996) Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
MD, (1998) Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile 
Academic achievement:

As a researcher, Andres Fisher has published articles, essays and prologues on leading contemporary poets from Spain and Latin America. He compiled and translated the most extensive anthology of the chief Brazilian poet Haroldo de Campos, Hambre de Forma (2009) and translated his posthumous book, Entremilenios (2013) with an introductory study). In 2012 appeared La poesía inmortal y pobre de Jorge Luis Borges, a monographic study on Borges’ poetry. An essay of Dr. Fisher accompanied the last José Kozer’s book published in Cuba, Indole (2012) and he has written the prologue for his new book forthcoming early Spring 2014 in Spain, Para que no imagines.

Dr. Fisher maintains an extensive collaboration with his colleague at DLLC, ASU, and friend, Dr. Benito del Pliego. In 2010 they edited the anthology of José Viñals Caballo en el Umbral and in 2013 appeared in Spain the first translated book of the poetry of the US poet Lew Welch, Círculo de Hueso. They have in print an anthology of the translation of Gertrude Stein short pieces Objetos, retratos. Geografía forthcoming in Spain early spring 2014. They have also written and published articles about these and other poets such Antonio Gamoneda.

As a poet, Andres Fisher has published several books, highlighting Hielo (2000) for which he received the International poetry prize Gabriel Celaya in Spain, and his collected work Series (collected poetry 1995-2010) published in 2010 in Spain. In 2012 the leading American poet and scholar Forrest Gander translated into English an extensive sample of Fisher’s collected work that appear in Rowboat. His poetry has been compiled in many anthologies both in Spain (Extracomunitarios, Pasar la página) Chile (Fin de siglo) of the US (Malditos latinos, malditos sudacas) among others.

His scholarly articles, essays and poetry translations has also appeared in refereed and non-refereed publications in Spain, Latin America and the US, where he constantly travels for doing presentations of his work and poetry readings. Recently, late in October 2013, he was invited to a tour of five lectures in leading Chilean universities (U de Chile, U. de Santiago, U. Católica de Valparaíso) about his work on the poets Haroldo de Campos, José Kozer and the essayist Martín Cerda. 
Personal Bio:

Andrés Fisher was born in Washington DC in 1963, grew up in Viña del Mar, Chile, and in 1990 moved to Madrid Spain where he got his PhD, where he publishes most of his work, and where he spends part of the year. In the last decade, he’s been teaching at ASU’s Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures and living in Triplett.


Scholarly books

Entremilenios, Translation Portuguese-Spanish of Haroldo de Campos’ posthumous poetry book and introductory study. Bilingual edition. Colección Transatlántica, Ed. Amargord, Madrid, Spring 2013. http://amargordtransatlantica.blogspot.com/2013/04/t17-haroldo-de-campos-entremilenios.html

Círculo de Hueso. Anthology of the poetry of Lew Welch. Translation English-Spanish, selection, and introductory study. With Dr. Benito del Pliego. Bilingual Edition. Varasek Ed, Madrid. Forthcoming Spring 2013. http://www.varasekediciones.es/?page_id=362

La poesía inmortal y pobre de Jorge Luis Borges. Del Centro Editores, Madrid, 2012


El retorno de la Bestia. Prologue and edition of José Viñals’ reprint of Alcoholes y Otras sustancias (with Dr. Benito del Pliego). Ed. Amargord, Colección ONCE, Madrid. 2012


Caballo en el umbral. Anthology of the poet José Viñals (Introductory study and selection of poems). Co-authored with Dr. Benito del Pliego. Editora Regional de Extremadura, Mérida, Spain, September 2010.


Hambre de Forma. Antología poética de Haroldo de Campos. Hunger of Form, poetic anthology of Haroldo de Campos (Introductory study, selection of poems and translation Portuguese/ Spanish) Veintisiete Letras Ed, Madrid, March 2009.


La Palabra quebrada, ensayo sobre el ensayo de Martín Cerda (Edition and prologue) (Broken Word, essay about essay) Veintisiete letras Editores, Madrid, September 2008.




Poetry books (selection)

Series, Collected Poetry 1995-2010. Colección Transatlántica. Ed. Amargord, Madrid. Spring 2010


Selection of Series translated by Forrest Gander and published in Rowboat N.3 Journal of poetry in Translation, NY 2012


Relación. Santiago Inédito eds. Santiago de Chile, 2008


Hielo. Ed. Germanía, Valencia, Spain. 2000 (Awarded with Gabriel Celaya International poetry prize, 2000).


Articles (selection)

Anthologies including his poetry (selection)

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