Strategic Planning Subcommittees

Ensure Effective Student Learning
Subcommittee 1

Member Name
Beverly Moser (Chair)
Victoria Cox
Belinda Forsyth
Adrienne Erazo
Olivia Posada
Misa Yamamoto

Ensure Effective Teaching and Learning Spaces
Subcommittee 2

Member Name
Brent James (Chair)
Paul Sebastian
Kendra Souza 
Wendy Xie

Protect and Expand Diversity
Subcommittee 3

Member Name
Salwa Ben Zahra (Chair)
Andres Fisher
Darci Gardner
Gabriella Motta-Passajou

Support and Enhance Research
Subcommittee 4

Member Name
Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand (Chair) 
Irina Barclay
Benito del Pliego
Andres Fisher
Jean-François Fournier
Wendy Xie

Telling Our Stories
Subcommittee 5

Member Name
Catherine Fountain (Chair)
Lynn McNeil
Patricia Ortiz
Liz Kunkel
Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand