Paloma Fernández Mira

Language(s) Taught:Spanish

Spanish Language and Culture, Applied Linguistics, Theoretic Linguistics, Foreign Language
Methodology, Second Language Acquisition, E-learning. Taught SNH 1050 and SNH 2005 in the fall semester.
Currently teaching SNH 2005 Intensive Grammar Review and SNH 3080 Advanced Grammar & Composition.


MA, Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (2017) Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
BA, Translation and Interpreting: Spanish-English-German (2016) Universidad Autónoma de
Madrid, Spain

Personal Bio

I grew up between Asturias, Madrid and Extremadura, all regions of Spain. At 16, I began my
international experience in Charlotte, NC, where I spent a year of language and culture immersion
as a high school student. Later on, during my BA, I came back to the US, this time to Boston, MA,
as a recipient of a scholarship that gave me the opportunity to study and teach at Tufts University.
My senior year of college was dedicated to exploring my newly discovered passion for teaching
and improving my German skills during my semester abroad in Switzerland. After living in
Salamanca for a year while pursuing a MA in Teaching Spanish, I joined the faculty at Appalachian
and now enjoy life in Boone.

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