Dr. Zhiyuan Chen

Language(s) taught



Theoretic & Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Literatures, Anthropology, Economics


PhD, Philosophy (1995) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, USA
MA, Philosophy (1988) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, USA
MA, Anthropologic Linguistics (1982) National Anthropologic Institute, Mexico City, Mexico
Post-Bachelor, Spanish (1982) National University of Mexico (Colegio Nacional de México)
BA, English language (1985) National Cultural Administration Institute, Beijing, China
BA, Spanish language (1966) Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China

Academic achievement

  • Academic research fields: Spanish, Chinese, English, Theoretic and Applied Linguistics, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Economy Academic achievement
  • Academic publications: Books: 15 Articles in scholarly journals: 12 Book chapters 4 Abstracts: 17 Book Review: 7 Electronic publications 15 CD 3 Art works 2
  • Academic Conferences: 1995-2014 65
  • Papers presented at academic conferences: 59
  • Membership in Professional Organizations: 17
  • Honors and Awards: 21

Courses taught: All levels of Spanish, Chinese, English including upper levels courses such as Phonetics, Phonology, Literatures, Grammars, Compositions, Reading, Conversation, Advanced Grammar and Composition, Advanced Conversation, Translation Theory and Practice, Literatures, Syntax, FL Methodology, Academic Research, Cultural Studies, Economy, Business Languages, Social Studies, General Linguistics, Generative Linguistics, Comparative Grammar, etc. of the three languages in USA, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico and China.

Study Abroad: Director of study abroad programs for different universities: Language & Cultural Studies in Mexico (5 times), Language & Cultural Studies in China (12 times) International Studies Programs in China (5 times) International Business Studies Programs in China (2 times) Administration Studies Program at graduate level (1 time) Service Learning Program in China (2 times)

Personal Bio

Humble and dedicated life way


Books published: 4 text books, 2 translations of novels, 2 in cultural studies, 3 in linguistics theory, 2 dictionaries, 2 on education. Academic Lectures: In the last 20 years or so, each year giving at least 5 academic lectures in different countries of the world in average.

Title: Professor, Spanish
Department: Languages, Literatures & Cultures

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Phone: (828) 262-7822

Office address
LS Dougherty 210 A