The Southern Conference on Language Teaching

(pictured above left to right: Megan Holt, Gabrielle Motta-Passajou, Navila Castro, Olivia Posada, Dayna Brower, Savannah Smith, John Rosenberger, Morgan Prince, Stephanie Schenck, Mariela Villicaña, Darci Gardner, Casey Boyatt, Allison Crook, Tricia Sandridge, Carmen Scoggins, Mariano Ayala, Amanda Romjue, Drew Augustyniak, Linda Cade Carrillo, Laura Parker, Beverly Moser, Tyler Nachand, Bethanie Lister, Laura Sexton, and Hannah Bollinger) [Several other alumni, students, and faculty were present but could not make it for the photo.]

Faculty, graduate students, and alumni gathered at the Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT) in Charlotte, NC to learn and share. 

ASU alumna and instructor, Carmen Scoggins, summed the weekend up nicely in true story telling form:

The exhibit room featured a table to promote our graduate program.

Bill Rivers, JNCL_NCLS, checks in at the graduate table with Spanish professor, Catherine Fountain, and graduate program director, Beverly Moser (above). 

Some of our current graduate students pose for a picture with Beverly Moser, graduate program director (below).
(left to right: Navila Castro, Dayna Brower, Allison Crook, Beverly Moser, Tyler Nachand, Mariano Ayala, Mariela Villicaña, Savannah Smith, Tricia Sandridge, and Megan Holt)

Two graduate students, Bethanie Lister and Morgan Prince, enjoy lunch on Saturday from a Charlotte food truck, Bleu Barn Bistro (below).

Nine of our faculty, students, and alumni presented at the conference. A list of session and resources are listed below:

Carmen Scoggins (ASU alumna and instructor, pictured to the right):

-Workshop: "Designing a Path for Student Success"
-Session: "Get Your Head in the Game" (session resources)
-Hot Seat Lunch: "Student Goal-Setting & Achievement"
-Session: "What's Trending? Speak the 'Language' of Your Students" (session resources

Stephanie Schenck (ASU alumna, not pictured here):

-Session: "Kick Back With a Cool IPA" (session resources)
-Session: "Honey Badger Don't Care: How to Become an NBCT" (session resources

Amanda Romjue (ASU alumna and language lab director, pictured to the right) & Morgan Prince (student, pictured to the right):

-Session: "Technology Tools to Support Self-Regulated Learning" (session resources)

Laura Sexton (ASU alumna, pictured above):

-Session: "Novices Can L2 Too! Authentic, Comprehensible, and 90% TL" (session resources)

Catherine Fountain (ASU Spanish professor, pictured below) & Doug Mulford (graduate student, pictured below):

-Session: "Making the Most of Short-term Study Abroad" (session resources)

Darci Gardner (ASU French professor, not pictured here) & Drew Augustyniak (graduate student, not pictured here):

-Session: "Using Art to Discuss Literature: L2 Pre-Speaking Activities"

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